XLT Long-Life Plunger Tips

See The Difference

Why are these tips different from ordinary “sand cast” beryllium copper plunger tips? You can literally see the difference on the tip. You’ll notice a much finer grain pattern in the metal – a pattern that is more uniform too. That’s because the casting process developed by Semco eliminates the structural inconsistencies that can take place during solidification.

Structural Integrity Means Longer Life, Consistent Quality And Safety Too.

A plunger tip is only as strong as its weakest point. XLTs maintain a fine grain structure throughout the casting. This structural integrity yields plunger tips that minimize the possibility of “worming” initiated on the front face of the plunger tip. The consistency of the surface, coupled with the finer grain structure, results in less tip wear and a safer, longer-lasting tip.

A Tip That Promotes the Quality Process

For some die-cast professionals, SEMCO XLT’s are a breakthrough in long life. For others, they’re a tip that improves safety in the casting process. At Semco, we would say the greatest benefits of XLT Tips can only be fully appreciated over time – in their...

  • Consistent day-in and day-out performance.
  • Fewer tip problems
  • Longer casting cycles and fewer changeovers
  • Not having to deal with safety issues
  • Ultimately increased throughput of your casting operation because you’ve improved productivity and reduced work stoppages.
  • Hardness available from Rockwell C Scale (33 to 41)

That’s what SEMCO's exciting new XLT Tips are all about. They’re the tip of choice “when there’s no time for downtime”.

Xtra Life Tips: Better Structural Integrity Throughout the Tip

More Dense, More Durable Means Less Tip Wear.

The fine grain structure also improves the hardness and durability of the plunger tip. This finer, more compacted grain structure makes XLT Tips more resistant to the constant wear and punishment that takes place during operation. Tests at major die casters show an increase in tip life of up to 40% using SEMCO XLTs!