Welcome to the Semco foundry

The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Beryllium Copper Plunger Tips

To ensure that every beryllium copper plunger tip meets stringent quality standards and fast lead times,
SEMCO controls every step in the manufacturing process from its plant in Marion, Ohio.

Made in USA
In Marion, OH

SEMCO is one of the very few suppliers of beryllium copper tips that has its own foundry. This is a benefit to the die caster since we are not at risk of shutting down a plant due to relying on someone else's production schedule.
SEMCO controls every step of the manufacturing process in-house. Beginning in its own beryllium copper foundry, all tips are melted in electric induction furnaces that carefully control metal casting temperatures for achieving alloy integrity.

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SEMCO maintains emergency inventories for many of its clients as well as stocking a wide assortment of common tips for fast shipment.
In fact, SEMCO maintains the world's largest inventory of plunger tips. SEMCO works with its customers to establish ordering and inventory programs that eliminate potential downtime and assure casting productivity.

Environmental Safeguards

Some of the most important quality measures are repeatability and reliability.
SEMCO has made significant investments into one of the industry's most advanced pollution control systems. This means that our customers can rely on our manufacturing processes to be in compliance with EPA and OSHA standards.
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