It all starts here!

Having the foundry on-site is also a big benefit for fast lead times. While other manufacturers are forced to wait on "outsource" suppliers and shipping, we're already machining castings.

SEMCO is one of the very few suppliers of beryllium copper tips that has its own foundry. This is a benefit to the die caster since we are not at risk of shutting down a plant due to relying on someone else's production schedule.

SEMCO has state-of-the-art electric induction furnaces for precisely controlling metal temperatures. These furnaces melt all of SEMCO's metals in an inert atmosphere, which allows us to achieve and maintain the closest alloying specifications in the industry. For the die caster this means repeatability in tip performance and quality.

To ensure our customers that their production will not be interrupted due to lack of environmental conformity, SEMCO has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into one of the industry's most advanced pollution control systems. This, along with our commitment to meeting all EPA and OSHA standards, means that we will be here when you need us.